The dragon and the elephant meet the jaguars: China and India in Latin America

Data: 06 and 07/10/2016

Hora: 9:00h to 13:00h

IRI, in a partnership with German Institute of Global and Area Studies (GIGA), will promote the seminar "The dragon and the elephant meet the jaguars: China and India in Latin America". The event will happen on the sixth and seventh of October 2016, and will be a part of the activities of the undergraduation activities of IRI.

More information on the semniar's program will be made available soon.

While China is now a major player in Latin America and there exists a growing number of academic publications on Chinese-Latin American relations, we know much less about India’s engagement and interests in Latin America.  While in other regions (Africa and parts of Asia) there is competition between China and India, this does not seem to be the case (yet?) in Latin America. In the workshop/seminar we will analyze the economic and strategic interests of China and India in Latin America. Are there differences between the Chinese and the Indian modes of interaction with Latin America? What are the interests of Latin American countries with regard to both Asian giants? Are there differences in Latin American countries’ approaches to China and India, and can we identify different patterns of cooperation among them? What are the future prospects (for the next 10 to 20 years) for cooperation between Latin America and both Asian countries? Will there be competition between India and Latin America? What are the repercussions for relations with other partners of Latin America (the US, Europe)? With regard to India and China, Brazil has a special status in Latin America because it cooperates with India in the IBSA forum and with China and India in the BRICS.  How does this cooperation affect the relations between the three countries?    

Place: RDC Auditorium, PUC-Rio