“The sustainability of democracy in the Trump era”

Data: November 30th and December 1st

The 2017 ReDGob conference will be organized for November 30 and December 1 by the Instituto de Relações Internacionais of PUC-Rio in cooperation with the GIGA German Institute of Global and Area Studies (Hamburg) and IDEA (Santiago de Chile), with the support of the EU-LAC Foundation.  

Liberal democracy is facing a difficult time. Citizen disaffection with democratic institutions and elites has increased in both Europe and Latin America. In some countries, democracy has been subverted by rampant corruption and the illicit enrichment of politicians. Often the socially disadvantaged of globalization and economic transformations have lost faith that the democratic election of governments might improve their fate.

The hope at the beginning of the third wave of democracy that democratic advances would continue and democratic breakdowns would be a phenomenon of the past has vanished. Now it is the question of how to sustain democracy over time and how to anticipate and prevent its degradation that has become more important. What are the reasons for democratic decay and what are the remedies? Redgob is a suitable forum in which to discuss these questions.



November 30

9:00-9:30 - Introduction/Welcome

Luiz Roberto Cunha (IRI/PUC-Rio)

Marta Regina Fernandez (IRI/PUC-Rio)

Daniel Zovatto (IDEA)

Paola Amadei (EU-LAC Foundation)

Detlef Nolte (GIGA)


9:30 – 10:15 – Keynote 

The sustainability of democracy in the time of Trump - Leonardo Morlino (LUISS Roma)


10:45 – 13:00 Panel 1: Democracy  promotion and protection in the Americas 

Chair: Andrea Ribeiro Hoffmann (PUC-Rio)


Fredrik Uggla (University of Stockholm)

Susanne Gratius (Universidad Autónoma Madrid)

Britta Weiffen (USP)

Stefano Palestini (FU Berlin)

Laurence Whitehea (University of Oxford)

Discussant: Miriam Saraiva (UERJ Rio)


14:30- 17:00  Panel 2: The mounting discontent with politics

Chair: Simon Pachano (FLACSO, Quito)


Lucio Renno (Universidad de Brasilia)

Yanina Welp (ZDA - Zentrum für Demokratie Aarau)

Manuel Alcántara (Universidad de Salamanca)

Roberto Laserna (Ceres de Cochabamba - Bolivia)

Olivier Dabène (Science-Po, Paris)

Discussant: Detlef Nolte (GIGA – Hamburg)


December 1 

9:00- 11:00 Panel 3: The crisis of presidentialism

Chair: Mariana Llanos (GIGA)


John Carey (Dartmouth College)

Leiv Marsteintredet (University of Bergen)

Magna Ignacio (UFMG) 

Timothy Power (University of Oxford)

Discussant: Andres Malamud (University of Lisbon)


11: 15- 13:15 Panel 4: Money and Politics

Chair: Daniel Zovatto (IDEA, Santiago de Chile)


Iván Velásquez Gómez (Comisionado Internacional contra la Impunidad en Guatemala) - tbc

José Ugaz (PUCP, Lima)

Manuel Garrido Hugo (Universidad de San Andrés, Buenos Aires)

Wagner Pralon Mancuso (USP) 

Discussant: Laurence Whitehead (University of Oxford)