Lecture "Migration, new configurations of labor and cognitive capitalism crisis" with Prof. Sandro Mezzadra

Data: 21/11/2012

Hora: 10:00 - 12:00

In the last few decades, at the same time the barriers for circulations of goods, services, and capital were progressively being removed, the borders control has been reinforced in order to contain the entrance of migrants and refugees.

The mobility and circulation of knowledge, creation, culture and human intelligence – the general intellect – follow along with the destruction of the corps that express these knowledge and intelligence. Besides this repressive force, the migrants still have been able to trace a line of escape despite de international  division of labour, movements that constitute one of the fundamental motors of the profound transformations that have been operating inside contemporary capitalism, reconfiguring its own democracy and the conceptions of citizenship and labor. Almost always presented as an antipolitc category, the escape has constituted, according to Sandro Mezzadra, a priviledged form of subjectivity and one of the basic instruments of refusal of the exercise of citizenship rights through integration and subordination.

The lecture with Professor Sandro Mezzadra will take place on Wednesday, November 21, at 10am at the Institute of International Relations classroom.