The Masters in International Relations aims training professionals specialized in International Politics capable of reproduce and multiply knowledge and experience in the area. The program's goal is to ensure a solid background in theoretical and conceptual foundations of the discipline and offer opportunities for specialization in some of the main topics of research.

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Future Students

The program offers from a single area of concentration in International Politics, a wide range of curricular choices and substantive themes whose structural bases are bind in coherent and consistent lines of research, a range of elective and required courses and a diverse set of research projects from the institution as well as individual and team projects. The Master admits annually about 18 students. The program has as its focal point the construction of synergies between research activities and the research lines of the program. Currently, the graduate program is articulated in three main lines of research, namely:

1) The Architecture of the International System;

2) Conflict, Violence and Peacemaking

3) Globalization, Governance and Development.


Curricular Structure

The Masters curricular structure is composed of twelve credits in required courses and fifteen credits in elective courses, with the total of 27 credits. The curriculum reflects primarily the axes of research listed above, aiming to prepare professionals specialized in International Politics who will be able to reproduce and multiply knowledge and experience in the area. The structure is divided into basic required courses composed by International Relations Theory, Inequality in World Politics, History of the International System, International Relations Methodology and Master Dissertation courses. Besides these, students must choose one of the axes of the structure (related to research lines of the program).


Requirement for the Title

For the title of Master, students must:

Complete 9 credits of required axis;

Complete 9 credits of thematic axis;

Complete 6 credits of electives;

Complete 3 credits in the discipline of International Relations Methodology;

Defend Master's thesis according to the rules and norms of PUC-Rio;

The deadline for obtaining the title is 24 months from entry into the program.


Forms of admission

Enrolment on the Masters in International Relations occurs through an annual selection process composed of a knowledge test, a foreign language test and an interview. The selection process is disclosed through a notice at the end of August. Applications must be made on the PUC Web site.


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