Prof. Laurie Nathan interviewed by O Globo

Professor and specialist Laurie Nathan (University of Pretoria), invited to teach at the GSUM Winter School, was interviewed by the Brazilian newspaper O Globo, where he discussed the role of mediator. 

Prof. Nathan addressed topics such as the dilemmas that hinder the mediation of a conflict, for instance religion and the unwillingness to negotiate. He also mentioned the conflict between Israel and Palestine, explaining his position as mediator.

The interview can be found here (available in Portuguese only).

Laurie Nathan will be today, July 30th, at the round table "The Role of Mediation in International Politics" with the presence of Professors Monica Herz (IRI/PUC-Rio) and Esra Cuhadar (Bilkent University), to be held in the Auditorium B6 PUC -Rio at 7:30 pm. 

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* Photo: O Globo