Call for Papers - Contexto Internacional - Special Edition: Global Cities, Global (in)Securities

Call for Papers - Contexto Internacional

Special Edition: Global Cities, Global (in)Securities


Dr. Thiago Rodrigues (Universidade Federal Fluminense, Brazil)

Dr. Paul Amar (University of California, United States of America)

Dr. Fernando Brancoli (Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Since ancient ages, cities have been the stage for pillage, massacres, rebellions, upheavals, and sieges. Nonetheless, since the 1940s the connection between cities and conflict has sensibly changed. Industrialized metropolises in the North have gained Southern versions, with various and serious problems related to extreme poverty, uncontrolled territory occupation, coactive urbanization projects, and the emergence of novel forms of social unrest. It is mainly in the city that witness a new rationale for the organized violence in a global era different from the classic interstate warfare. These conflicts mobilize non-state actors – such as criminal gangs, terrorists groups, mafias, and militias – as well States’ repressive forces in brushed-up forms of confrontation that do not have clear-cut legal marks, identifiable temporalities or regular identities for contending forces. 

This Contexto Internacional special issue intends to put together a broad yet complex panel of contemporary security questions related to urban areas in the world privileging original research articles that articulate theoretically innovative and empirical significant approaches to the relationship between (in)security and urban spacesin an internationalist perspective. 

We expect to gather innovative research outcomes on such subjects as: 

•urbanization projects and urban security programs justified to control, secure or integrate urban areas; 

•contemporary modalities of urban warfare and conflicts and their impacts on global security;

•comparative reflections on meanings and experiences of policy of (in)security on urban territories; 

•analysis on urban paradiplomacy related to security policies (partnerships, crossed influences in security programs, shared know-how on megaevents security); 

•practices of (in)security that connect urban spaces with alternative policies, practices and assemblages;

•the impact of reading and theorizing on urban (in)securities to the current research on global security and violence.

The submission process will have three different phases: 

1) submission of original abstracts for editorial selection. 

2) submission of pre-selected manuscripts 

3) evaluation of manuscripts through double-blind peer review process

Publication of all manuscripts is conditional on reviewers and editorial approval. The Editorial Committee will select papers based on scope, theoretical adequacy/originality and adherence to editorial guidelines.

Manuscripts must havebetween 7000-10000 words (including notes and references), and must bewritten in English. Manuscripts should be original and unpublished, and should follow the general instructions available at:

All submissions must include a cover letter clearly indicating that the proposal is for the Special Issue on “Global Cities, Global (In)securities”, and informing author(s)’s title/institution and affiliation. 

All submissions must be done through Contexto Internacional’s ScholarOne website at:

Questions should be sent by email to (subject: Special Issue on Global Cities, Global (In) securities).


Important dates:

•Deadline for abstract proposal submissions: 20 June 2016

•Editorial response on proposed abstracts: 30 June 2016

•Deadline for the submission of manuscripts: 15 August 2016

•Estimated time of publication: May 2017