IRI promotes panel about "Reports on the Middle East" with undergraduate students

The debate "Reports on the Middle East: confronting stereotypes - the impressions of two travellers in Egypt and Palestine", was held on the 17th May 2016 with the undergraduate students Rachel Pires and Thaís Queiroz, and the IRI professors Raslan Ibrahim and Márcio Scalercio (moderator). In their talks, the students shared their experiences from their travels to Egypt and Palestine, with a view to confronting common stereotypes and ideas which people have about the Middle East.

Using the reports of her daily experiences in Egypt, Rachel Pires showed the importance of not trying to simplify the identity of the Egyptians because in doing so, the singularities and complexities of the construction of the country's culture, and fundamental narratives of it, are sacrificed and silenced. It is necessary, therefore, to understand their identity as something fluid and dynamic, not static.

Thaís Queiroz shared with the public a little about her travels to Palestine and also looked at the question of stereotypes which immediately come to mind when we think of the region. In her presentation she looked at elements of Palestinian culture which are frequently left to one side, since the identity of Palestine is always linked with the conflict with Israel to the detriment of looking at other aspects of life in the region.

After the two students' presentations, Professor Raslan Ibrahim, who administrates the option of studying the Middle East, made comments about political subjects concerning Egypt and Palestine and took questions from the audience.


Click here to watch the video of the panel and here to access the audio.