Contexto Internacional (vol. 39, no 3) - Special Issue: Global Cities, Global (in)Securities

We're happy to announce that CINT's new volume (vol. 39, no 3, Sept/Dec 2017) has been published online and is available. Following our journal's open access policy, all articles can be freely accessed and downloaded in full. Please find the table of contents at the bottom of this message.

This Special Issue, Global Cities, Global (in)Securities, invites for an attentive overview of the relationship between cities and security issues. We selected articles that represent a comprehensive collection of analytical and thematic perspectives related to our main problem. By doing so, we intend to offer various theoretical and methodological approaches to this question that empower our readers to go beyond in their own research questions.

Following our journal's open access policy, all articles can be freely accessed and downloaded in full.


Special Issue: Global Cities, Global (in)Securities


Introduction: Global Cities, Global (in)Securities

Thiago Rodrigues

Fernardo Brancoli

Paul Amar


Militarising Mumbai? The ‘Politics’ of Response. Mumbai Must be Secured. Now!

Rhys Machold


Between New Terrains and Old Dichotomies: Peacebuilding and the Gangs’ Truce in El Salvador

Sílvia Roque


Cities and Water Security in the Anthropocene: Research Challenges and Opportunities for International Relations

Joana Castro Pereira

Miguel Rodrigues Freitas


Fragile Cities: a Critical Perspective on the Repertoire for New Urban Humanitarian Interventions

Manoela Miklos

Tomaz Paoliello


Paradiplomacy, Security Policies and City Networks: the Case of the Mercocities Citizen Security Thematic Unit

Gilberto Marcos Antonio Rodrigues

Thiago Mattioli


Security for Show? The Militarisation of Public Space in Light of the 2016 Rio Olympic Games

Veronica F. Azzi


War Zone Acapulco: Urban Drug Trafficking in the Americas

Thiago Rodrigues

Mariana Kalil

Roberto Zepeda 

Jonathan D Rosen


A View from the South: The Global Creation of the War on Drugs

Giovani Molano Cruz


Enacting the International/Reproducing Eurocentrism

Zeynep Gülşah Capan


A South American Defence Structure: Problems and Prospects

Oscar Medeiros Filho