Paulo Chamon wins Honorable Mention of CAPES Thesis Award 2019

Professor Paulo Chamon received Honorable Mention from the CAPES Thesis 2019 Prize in the area of Political Science and International Relations for his work entitled "The mood of time (s): Melancholia and the limits of temporal thinking in world politics". In his research, Chamon seeks to explore the conceptual space of “time” in its use as a critical category in the humanities since the late twentieth century. To this end, the thesis reads the proliferation of debates about time and international relations in terms of a discursive formation articulating knowledge, power and affection, investigating the impacts of this discourse on thought and politics. Thus, using psychoanalysis and political theory, he argues that we can name the discourse of time as "melancholic" and diagnose among its effects the reproduction of dualisms and the capture of political debates in a self-referenced circuit of double melancholy.

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