André Luiz Morais Zuzarte Bravo

Doctoral candidate


Master's of History, Politics and Cultural Assets program by CPDOC / FGV, which develops the thesis "The remaining million, Brazil and the evolution of international protection to refugees (1946-1952)" under the guidance of prof. Dr. Matias Spektor. Graduated in Bachelor degree and the course of history from the Federal University of the State of Rio de Janeiro UNIRIO (2011). Argued in their final course project work "oohm-Shmon • An analysis of the role of the UN in the Arab-Israeli conflict" under the guidance of prof. Dr.Flávio Limoncic. In the period Mar/2012-Out/2013 part of the team of researchers coordinated by prof. Dr. Alzira Abreu (CPDOC / FGV) responsible for the Brazilian Atlas project, where he researched various issues related to culture and education, black and maroon issue, indigenous issues, the environment, censorship and military dictatorship in Brazil.