Ana Elisa Saggioro Garcia

Doutora em Relações Internacionais

Professor at the Institute of International Relations at PUC-Rio. Professor of the Postgraduate Program in Social Sciences at the Federal Rural University of Rio de Janeiro. PhD in International Relations from IRI/PUC-Rio and Master in Political Science from the Free University of Berlin (Germany). Coordinator of the Interdisciplinary Laboratory of International Relations Studies (LIERI/UFRRJ). Collaborating researcher at the Alternative Policies Institute for the Southern Cone (PACS). Member of the editorial board of the Socialist Register (Canada). Vice-coordinator of the thematic area of ​​International Political Economy at ABRI. She has publications in International Political Economy, Critical Theory, Gramsci, hegemony, imperialism, multinational corporations and South-South relations.


IRI2135 – International Political Economy

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International Political Economy, multinational companies and South-South relations.