“University extension, an integral part of the student training process, seeks to encourage and recognize student autonomy in interaction with society, with local contexts, with popular knowledge and practices, to problematize reality and to seek solutions together with society.”

Resolution 05/2022 of the Rectory of PUC-Rio of December 15, 2022. Article 2, Sole Paragraph. Approves the decision of the Teaching and Research Council that establishes the guidelines for the curricularization of extension in PUC-Rio’s undergraduate courses.

The document “Extension at the Institute of International Relations of PUC-Rio” presents the general guidelines currently adopted by our Undergraduate Program in International Relations (IR) in the light of the process of curricularization of University Extension, in connection with national guidelines and the definitions applicable to PUC-Rio. We present the subjects in our curriculum that make up an Extension Training Cycle, in which the construction of solid capacities for scientific research is combined with citizen training based on social commitment, ethical reflection and dialogical interaction with society. We emphasize that the design currently adopted by the Institute is in its first stages of implementation and can be adapted based on the evaluation of our current learning. Check it out and find out more!

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