Global Gender and Cultures of Equality (GlobalGRACE)


The GlobalGRACE (Global Gender and Cultures of Equality) project is a research programme funded by the Global Challenge Research Fund (GCRF). The project mobilizes artistic interventions, curatorships and public exhibitions to research and enable approaches to gender that contribute to well-being internationally.

The project includes academics and NGOs from Bangladesh, Brazil, Mexico, Philippines, South Africa and the UK. In Brazil, the project is being developed through a partnership between the International Relations Institute of the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (IRI/PUC-Rio) and the NGOs Instituto Maria e João Aleixo, Instituto Promundo, and Observatório de Favelas. The activities  in Brazil are guided by the outline ” Decolonizing Knowledge and Doing Masculinity ‘Otherwise’: Street art, dance and the production of cultures of equality in a Brazilian favela”.