Post-Positivism from Below: Aula Inaugural da pós-graduação com Pinar Bilgin

26 Ago

A professora Pinar Bilgin da Bilkent University ministrará a Aula Inaugural da Pós-Graduação no segundo semestre de 2019. Intitulada “Post-Positivism from below”, a aula contará ainda com a moderação da professora do IRI Monica Herz. A participação na aula será exclusiva aos alunos e alunas da Pós-Graduação do IRI.

Resumo da aula (somente em inglês):

Prevalent narratives about the advent of post-positivism in IR point to influences outside the  discipline (history of science, sociology of knowledge, philosophy of science) in bringing about a re-thinking of the limitations of positivism in the study of world politics. When narrated as such, post-positivist IR’s ‘origin story’ does not reflect decades-old debates that revealed discomfort with positivism within the discipline. In  contrast are critical narratives that identify the contributions of theoretical approaches on  the margins of IR that made way for post-positivism, namely: the English school, continental  IR, historical sociology and the Stanford school. The title of this talk, ‘post-positivism from below’ alludes to those critical interventions into IR debates  that also expressed their exasperation with the limitations of positivism but are seldom acknowledged in prevalent or critical narratives on the advent of post-positivist IR. The point  being, while marking a moment of recognition of the contributions of those theoretical  approaches that are not always recognised in prevalent narratives, such critical accounts  also do not dig much below the surface to recognise contributions ‘from below’.

26 de Agosto de 2019.

O evento será realizado em inglês, sem tradução simultânea.


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