Rising Powers and Intervention: Contested Norms and Shifts in the Global Order

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O evento acontecerá entre os dias 15 e 17 de setembro, às 10h. O seminário será apresentado em inglês.

Dia 15 e 16: Auditório RDC

Dia 17: Auditório do IRI

Descrição (em inglês): 

This seminar analyzes the normative tensions within the international system between notions of sovereignty and putatively universal norms associated with international interventions. The assumption underlying the seminar is that engagement in interventions is a crucial element in indicating a state’s capacity to contribute to the maintenance of international order and responsibility within the international system. The event is the continuation of a workshop funded by the International Studies Association at its Annual Convention in Toronto in March of this year. The seminar situates emerging powers’ engagement in international interventions within the broader context of shifts in the distribution of power within the international system.