Novo artigo: “Coloniality and the State: Race, Nation and Dependency”, de Walter Mignolo e Fábio Santino Bussmann


O pós-doutorando do IRI/PUC-Rio, Fábio Santino Bussmann, publicou o artigo “Coloniality and the State: Race, Nation and Dependency”, em parceria com Walter Mignolo, no periódico Theory, Culture & Society. Segue o resumo do artigo:

It is of concern that, until now, Western and Southern theories have not been able to provide a full conceptual understanding of the complicity of the elites and states of former colonies outside the West with the political domination they suffer from their Western counterparts. Decolonial thought, by exploring global epistemic designs, can fully explain such political dependency, which, for Aníbal Quijano, results from the local elites’ goal to racially identify with their Western peers (self-humanization), obstructing local nationalization. We explore why the racially dehumanized local elites believe they can humanize themselves. Our claim is that this happens because of modernity’s pretense that everyone can become civilized and, thereby, human, hiding the fact that hu(man)s are only heterosexual men that are simultaneously Western, white and Christian. Only by focusing on the enunciation of Western knowledge, instead of on its enunciated content, can we make that argument.