A sense of an ending: the war in Ukraine

07 Jul

The war in Ukraine has challenged most understandings about the nature of contemporary world politics. The impact of a war of aggression in the heart of Europe has seen many analysts call for a return to geopolitical reason to interpret the momentous changes in world order and given way to a sense of an ending of the post-Cold War world. This roundtable will discuss the different perspectives with which we can deal with the perplexity created by the war.

This roundtable is the first public event of the 7th edition of the IPS Winter School.

Speakers: Rob Walker, Mike Shapiro, Jef Huysmans, Renata Summa, Sam Opposing and Kyle Grayson.

In-person event - July 7, at 17:00h. Auditorium B8, Frings building, PUC-Rio.

The IPS Winter School is the result of an extended collaboration between academic institutions from different parts of the world engaged in the development of the field of international political sociology. See more.