Democracy and Legitimacy: how important is Electoral Monitoring for Brazil in 2022?

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Several intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations – OSCE, OAS, African Union, and the Carter Center – engage in election monitoring. The OSCE`S Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights, for example, has developed norms and technologies for this practice that are recognized as a reference worldwide. Although initially missions were deployed mainly in situations of fragility, today they are requested by more than 100 countries. International election monitoring has provided both stability and references for tackling disputes.

Since the 2000s elections, Brazil has been considered one of the most efficient democracies in the world and one of the less vulnerable to fraud, in addition to its exemplary experience regarding logistics. More than 100 million voters head to the polls on the same day and just hours after the end of the procedure the result of the elections is issued. Despite this success, there has been an increase in the number of public manifestations expressing distrust of the electronic ballot box. This theme is fundamental to the public debate in the country, especially considering the 2022 national elections. Therefore, the discussion of the electoral process presently is absolutely crucial and an interesting topic to honor the International Day of Democracy.

In honor of the International Day of Democracy, celebrated officially on September 15th KAS Brazil, in cooperation with the Institute of International Relations of PUC-Rio, is holding this seminar to discuss Election Monitoring taking into consideration the Brazilian national elections in 2022. This seminar will start with the international experience on election monitoring and then focus on the Brazilian case.


Panel I: The Practice of International Election Monitoring How does an International Election Monitoring mission work and what kind of challenges might appear? How has this practice advanced throughout the years? What are the recommendations for an election monitoring in a Latin American country?
​​​​Panel II: The Brazilian Case – keeping an eye on 2022 Despite the success of the electoral process in Brazil, there has been an increase in the number of public manifestations expressing distrust of the electronic ballot box. What should we expect for the 2022 Brazilian national elections? What are the main characteristics of the electoral process in Brazil? What are the benefits and risks of an electronic ballot box?

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