Environmental Racism from Global South

07 Jul
08 Jul

Environmental Racism consists of the unequal distribution of access to natural resources and exposure to different forms of environmental risk to all ethnic-racial and social minorities. In this sense, it is urgent that the issue be debated so that we can also think about ways to ensure that no group suffers the disproportionate effect of the environmental impacts derived from capital operations, public policies or their absence – that is, discuss alternatives for the promotion of Environmental Justice.

On July 7th and 8th, the Closing Workshop of the Tutorial Teaching Program (PET/TEPP) of IRI/PUC-Rio will be held with the theme “Environmental Racism from the Global South”. Students’ research carried out at the IRI’s Refuge & Development Research Center (NPR&D) will be presented, with the aim of dialoguing with the present panels “The importance of thinking about Environmental Racism from the Global South”, “Building sustainable cities against Environmental Racism”, “Rio de Janeiro and basic sanitation: is the city that wonderful?”, “On resisting: social participation in the struggle for Environmental Justice” and “Environmental racism and large companies: a dilemma between human rights and development”.

In addition, a debate will be held among the research students on the topic “Regulation of the legal thesis of the Temporal Framework in the demarcation of indigenous lands”.

Where: PUC-Rio Campus, Cardeal Leme building, room L-278.
When: July 7 – 09:00h to 12:30h ; July 8 – 9:30 am to 4:00 pm.


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