World politics in disarray: trends, dangers, possibilities

14 Jul

We live in turbulent times. War, pandemic, world recession, far-right, authoritarianism, migration crises are among the many processes that have produced an atmosphere of profound uncertainties about the future of world politics. This roundtable will discuss the many disjunctures emerging from these recent disruptions in the way the world works and speculate about its possible developments.

This roundtable is the second public event of the 7th edition of the IPS Winter School.

Speakers: Ritu Vij, Vicki Squire, Jef Huysmans and João Nogueira.

In-person event - July 14, at 17:00h. Auditorium B8, Frings building, PUC-Rio.

The IPS Winter School is the result of an extended collaboration between academic institutions from different parts of the world engaged in the development of the field of international political sociology. See more.


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