Transnational Arms Flows in Latin America: Trends and Challenges

28 Ago

How do small arms and light weapons flow across the borders of Latin America and its territories? On August 28th, 10:00h to 16:00h, IRI/PUC-Rio will bring together national and international experts to discuss contemporary trends and challenges linked to arms flows in Latin America.

Discussions will include issues related to the circulation, control, and effects of rifles on broad social processes that allow the modulation and reproduction of violence. The two roundtables will discuss the current dynamics of the circulation of weapons and how these dynamics fuel and transform armed violence in the region, as well as existing challenges for data production and analysis on arms flows and their control.

The seminar “Transnational Arms Flows in Latin America: Trends and Challenges” will be held on August 28th, 10:00h to 16:00h, in a hybrid format – at the IRI2 Auditorium (R. Marquês de São Vicente, 232 – Gávea) and via Zoom.

The event is held by IRI/PUC-Rio in collaboration with the Centre on Conflict, Development & Peacebuilding (CCDP/IHEID) and the Small Arms Survey, with the support of FAPERJ and the Swiss Network for International Studies (SNIS).

The roundtables will be held in English, offering simultaneous interpretation to Portuguese via Zoom. To participate in virtual format, it will be necessary to make prior registration through the link:

Check out the schedule below:

10h-12h – Small arms and the changing character of contemporary armed violence
Chair: Monica Herz (IRI/PUC-Rio)

Keith Krause (CCDP/IHEID)
Carina Solmirano (ATT Monitor)
Monica Herz (IRI/PUC-Rio)

14h-16h – Small arms in Latin America: tracing flows, mapping norms
Chair: Monica Herz (IRI/PUC-Rio)

Adam Baird (UNIDIR);
Bruno Langeani (Sou da Paz);
Gianluca Boo (Small Arms Survey);
Ignacio Cano (LAV/UERJ and UNAM);
Jorge Restrepo (CERAC / Javeriana).